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From Classic to Contemporary: Embracing Old Money Style in Your Wardrobe

From Classic to Contemporary: Embracing Old Money Style in Your Wardrobe

  • by Belle époque


The Old Money style is more than just a fashion trend; it's a timeless approach to dressing that signifies elegance, quality, and discretion. This guide explores how to incorporate the Old Money aesthetic into a modern wardrobe, blending classic charm with contemporary chic.

The Roots of Old Money Style:

Understanding the Old Money style begins with its history. Originating from the elite and aristocratic families, it embodies longevity, quality craftsmanship, and an understated approach to luxury.

The Roots of Old Money Style

Essential Old Money Wardrobe Pieces:

Every Old Money wardrobe is built on a foundation of classic pieces. Discover the must-have items like tailored suits, cashmere sweaters, and leather shoes that epitomize this enduring style.

Essential Old Money Wardrobe Pieces

Modernizing the Old Money Look:

While respecting its roots, the Old Money look can be adapted for today's world. Learn how to mix timeless pieces with modern accents and trends to create a wardrobe that feels both classic and current.

Modernizing the Old Money Look

Accessorizing with Sophistication:

Accessories are crucial in the Old Money aesthetic. From vintage watches to silk scarves, understand how the right choices can enhance your look with a touch of refined elegance.

Accessorizing with Sophistication

Old Money Grooming and Etiquette:

Beyond clothes, grooming and etiquette play a significant role in the Old Money style. Explore grooming rituals, and social etiquette that contribute to the overall Old Money persona.

Old Money Grooming and Etiquette men

The Influence of Old Money Style in Modern Fashion:

Old Money style has influenced many contemporary designers and trends. This section highlights how current fashion collections and icons draw inspiration from the classic Old Money aesthetic.

The Influence of Old Money Style in Modern Fashion

Creating Your Old Money Inspired Wardrobe:

Practical tips and inspiration for curating your wardrobe with an Old Money influence, ensuring each piece reflects sophistication and a timeless appeal.

Creating Your Old Money Inspired Wardrobe


Embracing Old Money style is about more than clothes; it's about adopting an attitude of timeless grace and subtle luxury. With the right approach, you can blend the best of classic and contemporary to create a wardrobe that's both sophisticated and stylish.

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